10 Best Catwoman Comics of All Time

Warning: Spoilers for The Batman.

Catwoman is one of the most iconic characters in popular culture. Some of his best comics from the last 80 years inspired his latest live-action release in The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight. They also trace his evolution from one of Batman’s greatest villains in DC Comics to one of his most powerful allies and love interests.

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Catwoman’s history in the comics is defined by her changing interpretations. His best comics explore different interpretations of his identity, moving through periods of comic book history that reflect the era and also define it in many ways. Catwoman’s best comics define, refine, and reimagine her identity and relationship with Batman, giving fans plenty of great stories to revisit over and over again.


Enter Selina Kyle

Catwoman learns that she is Selina Kyle in DC Comics.

Catwoman makes her first appearance in Batman #1 but only Batman #62 several years later, the character first acquires her identity as Selina Kyle. It’s a landmark issue in its history and one of the best, though it was erased from continuity.

In this story, Catwoman learns that she has amnesia and a former flight attendant named Selina. It helps guide her down a path of redemption, and has become foundational in later portrayals of Catwoman as a character who isn’t really a hero or villain.

lonely town

lonely town is a DC Black Label miniseries by Cliff Chiang and features an older Selina trying to clear her name and avenge the death of Batman. Presented in a magazine-style Prestige Plus format, this is one of the most inventive portrayals of Selina in modern comics.

The book is in the vein of Return of the Dark Knight Where Old Man Logan but with a black element of its own. Chiang, who drew paper girls, one of the best picture comics for new readers, offers fans an iconic Selina that’s down but far from finished.

Bruce Wayne’s Autobiography

Batman and Catwoman kiss in DC Comics.

DC Comics introduced the multiverse to superhero comics with “The Flash of Two Worlds” and one of the best Catwoman comics takes full advantage of the concept. In The brave and the daring #197, Catwoman and Batman get married on Earth-2.

This serves as the origin in many ways for the Golden Age Catwoman, elaborating on her past as flight attendant Selina Kyle. It also points to the eventual birth of Helena Wayne, who would become DC Comics’ first Hunter.

His sister’s keeper

Batman kisses Catwoman in DC Comics.

One of the best Catwoman comics stems from one of the best Batman story arcs of all time, First year. His sister’s keeper provides a major modern update to Selina’s backstory and builds on established work by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli.

Elements of this view of Selina’s past seem to have informed some of her portrayal in the new film, as she is very protective of her friends as she is in this story, which is one of the darkest takes on her life. origin in the character’s story.


Batman and Catwoman kissing on a rooftop in Hush

Batman and Catwoman have always flirted – their first kiss is in Batman #3 in 1940 – but in many ways, silence is the story where their modern relationship begins. This epic story brings them together as allies and lovers and has a strong influence on them thereafter.

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It’s also the storyline where Bruce Wayne reveals his secret identity to Catwoman (he’s known hers for decades), setting the stage for their coming together in the comics. The more romantic aspect of their relationship is also on display in the new film.

Selina’s big score

Catwoman prepares for a heist in DC Comics.

Selina’s big score is one of the most visually striking Catwoman stories of all time, which isn’t surprising considering it’s written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke. The very dynamic and lightly animated style pairs perfectly with one of the funniest Catwoman stories in comics.

Catwoman’s evolution into an anti-heroine continues in this early 2000s story, where Selina sets her ambitions on a gangster-owned train laden with money. It takes a lot of twists and turns, with Selina also acting in the most heroic and suspicious way.

Catwoman Trail

Catwoman meets Batman in DC Comics.

Catwoman Trail performed as a series of backup stories in Detective comics #759–762, but it’s one of the best and most influential Catwoman comics. This storyline brings Catwoman back from the dead and streamlines her convoluted history into one short, powerful story.

Catwoman was reimagined by writer Ed Brubaker, responsible for some of the best Captain America comics of the 2000s, and the late artist Darwyn Cooke, who created one of the best DC Comics stories of all time. new frontier of this same period.

Batman: Year One

Batman Year One Carmine Falcone and Catwoman

Batman: Year One was a seminal comic in almost every way and it was for Catwoman too. All of Selina Kyle’s story and motivation are revamped in this all-time classic from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli from the late ’80s.

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Selina is a former prostitute in this version of the story, which also introduces her friend Holly Robinson for the first time. It also establishes a connection to crime boss Carmine Falcone, who would become a major part of her story in later comics and now in the movies.

When in Rome

Catwoman drives a Vespa in the When in Rome comic.

When in Rome is a major Catwoman story from the early 2000s that establishes Carmine Falcone as her father, a major element of the new film. In the miniseries, Selina travels to Rome to find out more about her mother, kicking off one of her most unique adventures.

The series is from the legendary team of writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale, who brought together virtually all of Batman’s best comic book villains in The Long Halloweenanother storyline that influenced the last film.


Catwoman jumping through the city under the night sky in Selina's Big Score

Calming is the opening arc of the 2002 catwoman ongoing series from Ed Brubaker and Darwyn Cooke, with the team providing arguably the best take on the character to date. Much of his modern iconography, especially his goggles and jumpsuit, is courtesy of this series.

This story organizes some of her conflicting past stories and defines her as the guardian of Gotham’s East End. This series could also inform Catwoman’s future on screen, as Selina Kyle leaves alone at the end of the new film to possibly become the guardian of a new city.

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