10 classic books that would be banned on Twitter as hate speech today

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Little woman – A classic story that would be banned for implying that women are small, or exist in some way. Should be called standardized menstruating people.

Moby Dick- A man’s obsession with a whale is described as negative. Pfft! You do, Captain Ahab! It’s almost as offensive that Queequeg doesn’t come out of the closet. His name is so close to “queer” but they never say it outright. Sad.

Human Reproductive Biology, 4th Edition – Can you believe it took four edits and they still haven’t filtered out the hate?

A little princess – A similar problem to Little Women, but now it perpetuates white privilege. Disgusting!

Nancy Drew and the Missing Laptop Case – Maybe in a year or so the New York Times will make sure the way is clear.

Berenstain Bears: He Bear, She Bear – I shouldn’t even have to explain this one. Take your oppressive gender binary elsewhere, Berenstain Bears!

How to avoid huge ships – Fatphobe against huge majestic ships.

Wood identification – The wood must identify itself. You can’t assume.

War and peace – Written by a RUSSIAN. Leo Tolstoy has yet to condemn Vladimir Putin’s actions.

The Tuttle Twins – Where to start? These anti-socialist and pro-traditional books should not be allowed anywhere.

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