15 new and classic books perfect for preschoolers

Looking for new books that your preschooler will love? We have a fantastic list of new and classic books that you and your preschooler will enjoy.

The benefits of reading for your child from an early age are numerous, ranging from increasing cognitive abilities and vocabulary skills to awakening their imaginations and improving listening skills. And of course, snuggling up with a book is a great bonding opportunity for both of you.

If you’ve read “Goodnight Moon” so many times that you can recite it while you sleep, check out these suggestions to add to your personal collection or find in your local library.

From Corduroy to Little Elliot, we’ve rounded up some favorite books that you and your preschooler will enjoy reading together.

Hi world! by Kelly Corrigan

Flamingo Books

Written by the bestselling author Kelly corrigan , “Hi world!” teach your preschooler that the journeys we take in life are about the people we meet along the way. With whimsical illustrations by Stacy Ebert, follow a young girl as she embarks on the world and the adventures she experiences along the way. She learns that what is really important is to listen, get to know people and ask questions, which preschoolers are already very good at!

Press here by Hervé Tullet


Chronicle Books

In this interactive book by Hervé Tullet, your preschooler will embark on an adventure by following the instructions to see where the yellow dot goes next, starting with the cover! On each page, the reader taps dots, shakes the pages, tilts the book, and more! As the dots multiply, change direction and grow, you never know where you will end up next.

Baby go to the market by Atinuke


Candlewick Press

In this cute book, baby and mom go to the market. Follow Baby and Mama’s adventure, with stunning visuals from Angela Brooksbank. Watch mom’s basket get bigger and bigger, thanks to baby! With fast-paced language, it’s the kind of book that’s as fun to read as it is to listen to. And with all this delicious food at the market, your preschooler will be ready for a snack after story time!

Love Makes a Sophie Beer Family

Love makes a family

Numbering books

In this beautiful, inclusive hardcover book, your preschooler will learn all about what love means. From Amazon, “Whether a child has two moms, two dads, a parent, or one each, this simple preschool read aloud demonstrates that what is most important in every family’s life is the love that family members share. ”

All About Weather By Huda Harajli, MA


Rockridge Press

The weather is so fascinating for young children, which makes “All About Weather” a great choice for the preschool ensemble. Your child will learn all about the four seasons, as well as how and why it rains, how clouds form and what causes a rainbow. From hot sunny days to cold winter nights, this educational book is perfect regardless of the weather.

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and the Things That Go


Guest books

Richard Scarry’s books are a classic choice, and his detailed illustrations never get old – there’s always something new to discover! Kids who love cars and all modes of transportation will love this book.

The Day the Pencils Ceased by Oliver Jeffers



One of my kids’ favorite preschool books (which they always love to read!) The fate of these pencils is so hilariously described by children’s book author Oliver Jeffers. Every color has a problem, you might never look at a box of pencils the same again!

If you give a pancake to a pig by Laura Numeroff



Laura Numeroff’s children’s books are a huge hit with young children, and you only need to read one to understand why. My family’s personal favorite is “If you give a pig a pancake”. Wait until you see how bored this pig gets carried away! Your preschooler will love seeing how this story unfolds.

Lama, Lama, Love to Read by Anna Dewdney


Viking books for young readers

Another popular series for kids, there is just something so calming about the rhythmic tone of Anna Dewdney’s “Llama Llama” books. And since reading is the go-to topic here, this one seems like a great choice. Llama Llama learns to read by practicing his letters, looking at word cards, reading stories and going to the library. Just like your preschooler!

Little Elliot, Big City by Mike Curato


Henry Holt & Co.

In “Little Elliott, Big City,” follow Little Elliott the elephant as he travels around New York City, hoping to make a friend and enjoy a cupcake. It’s such a sweet book about what it feels like to be small and alone, and the wonderful benefits of friendship. The illustrations (also by Mike Curato) are truly breathtaking.

Jabari jumps over Gaia Cornwall



“Jabari Jumps” is the perfect book to overcome any fears (and if swimming lessons are coming up this summer, this book is even more appropriate). The story also describes a romantic relationship between a father and his son, as his father encourages him to jump off the diving board. You can do it, Jabari!

Should I share my ice cream? by Mo Willems


Hyperion Children’s Books

The concept of sharing is explored in a perfect way for preschoolers in “Should I Share My Ice Cream?” By Mo Willems. Even though Elephant and Piggie are best friends, sharing can still be difficult, especially when it comes to ice cream!

Todd Parr’s Book of Feelings


LB Children

Preschoolers have a lot of feelings (we all have them)! In this book, the wide range of moods we experience are explored in a child-friendly way. With bold and bright illustrations, this book focuses on young children who are just starting to read with the aim of inspiring children to discuss their feelings.

Corduroy by Don Freeman


Viking books for young readers

In this classic read-aloud book perfect for preschoolers, Corduroy sits on a shelf in the department store, patiently waiting for someone to buy it. This sweet story is a classic tale of hope and does not judge others by their appearance. Spoiler alert: this precious story has a happy ending.

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