20 great editions of classic books you’ll want to add to your library

Books are the gift that keeps on giving.

Not only are the stories they contain capable of transporting you to distant lands and through thrilling stories, but they are also appreciated for their beauty.

Yes, we know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but come on, book covers matter. This is why publishers are constantly releasing new editions of old books. If repackaged properly, an old book can become as popular as a new one.

Plus, the book covers are actually, literally on trial. There are competitions and awards for designing book covers. So don’t feel bad if you find yourself swapping an older copy of a classic novel for a newer, sleeker edition. We guarantee you’re not the only one doing this and we’re here to help.


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We’ve compiled some of the most amazing editions of classic novels that you should consider adding to your library, because they’re just too good not to buy. Some of them are very limited runs and can be hard to find, but knowing they exist is the first step.

Welcome to your beautiful future library.

This edition of Dunes is part of Penguin Random House’s Penguin Galaxy collection, a celebration of some of the best science fiction novels of our time. Other titles in the series include 2001: A Space Odyssey and Stranger in a strange land.

Price: $18

If you don’t know, Juniper Books specializes in taking some of your favorite books and wrapping them in exquisite book covers, especially book sets. The above Harry Potter the sets are just a few examples of their work. As you can see, all of the Hogwarts houses are represented so you can make sure you get the set that suits your needs. But beware, they are not cheap.

Price: $70

The editions of Pride and Prejudice that exist in the world are innumerable, but this is the only one that counts. The book is part of the Faux Leather Edition series made by Penguin and also includes many other classic novels.

Price: $31.46

If you’re going to read a book about the Jazz Age, you might as well make sure the book looks like the Jazz Age. Penguin has released a line of hardcover books by F. Scott Fitzgerald, all draped in beautiful gold foil designs that genuinely scream Roaring 20s.

Price: $16.68

Perfectly capturing the tumult of Homer’s two classic tales, this Barnes & Noble collector’s edition of the two epic poems makes the stories as cool as they deserve. The only drawback of this version is its thickness. Although it looks good on the shelf, it can be difficult to read.

Price: $32.57+

This small and stately copy of one of Jane Austen’s classics was designed by Mr. Boddington Studio’s. Unfortunately, this particular copy of the book is no longer in production, so if you must have this edition, you’ll have to be prepared to pay a premium price to a reseller.

Price: $285.86+ from Amazon

Credit: the folio company

You probably already have a copy of 1984, either from school or to buy it after the ascendancy of our new president. But if you’re still missing that Orwell classic in your life, why not pick up an edition that embodies the creepiness of the story itself?

Price: $56.95

James Joyce isn’t everyone’s favorite author, but a cover this good will have no trouble catching up on your shelves. Added bonus: this book is also known as one of Joyce’s most accessible novels, so you should try reading it instead of just watching it.

Price: $11.19

Joseph Conrad’s classic tale is revived in this fully illustrated version of heart of darkness of Tin House. Now not only can you read about horror, but you can also see it.

Price: $17.39

Just one of many beautiful Penguin Clothbound Classics, this rugged adventure tale gets a makeover with a cute pattern of stylish jellyfish. These will arrive in libraries in July, but can be pre-ordered online now.

Price: $18.82

It’s as if each publisher had their own version of the the Lord of the Rings trilogy and that makes it difficult for those of us trying to find the best edition to the series, one that appropriately invokes the fantasy of the story while still looking good on the shelf. Look no further than this Juniper Books set. Together, the spines of the three books come together to form the legendary Doors of Durin. Talk friend, and buy this set right away.

Price: $95

White’s Books published an impeccably crafted set of classic novels in 2010 that included this edition of sherlock holmes. The books were instantly popular among book lovers and picked up fairly quickly. Now that these books are out of production, getting hold of a copy can be quite difficult, and the price you’ll need to pay varies depending on the third-party seller.

Price: $9.89+ at Amazon

Penguin Drop Caps, a series of 26 books that showcase one great author per letter of the alphabet, is perhaps the most Instagrammable book ever. The cover of each simply features the first letter of the author’s last name, but each is uniquely designed to fit the tone and context of the book. With a majestic B for Bronte igniting, this book is the right way to read Jane Eyer.

Price: $13.70

Just in time for the TV adaptation on Starz, this collector’s edition of Neil Gaiman’s popular novel puts all other editions of american gods to shame. Illustrator David McKean created 12 incredible illustrations to accompany this version of the book, including three double-page spreads.

Price: $120

mashable image

Credit: amazon

Here’s another great box set that can only be purchased through third-party sellers, as fine books are apparently in high demand. This sleek and sophisticated set of books for Arabian nights is designed by the same person who makes Penguin’s Clothbound Classics series and the Fitzgerald series above.

Price: $499.75+ at Amazon

Colourful, whimsical and cute, this edition of Anne of Green Gables would be at home on the shelves of children and adults. This book is part of the Puffin in Bloom series, a collection of four children’s tales, all designed with a similar theme of bright flowers and fluid typography.

Price: $14.54

mashable image

Credit: Penguin random house

Embrace the darkness with this edition of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem, The crow. Not only does it have a compelling cover, but the book is part of the Penguin Horror series curated by filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. If he approved of this edition, it’s probably worthy of your shelf.

Price: $17.02

As another perfect entry in Penguin’s Clothbound Classics series, this cover of the count of Monte Cristo alludes to the intrigue and drama of this story.

Price: $25.37

mashable image

You could probably dedicate an entire shelf to different editions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and you still wouldn’t have enough room to install them all. But it’s hard not to want to collect them all because so many of them are so beautiful, like this edition of Barnes & Noble’s Collectible Edition series.

Price: $21.48

Moby-Dick it’s long. Trying to read it is essentially the literary version of Captain Ahab’s hunt for the infamous white whale. But the challenge of reading it seems less daunting if you tackle the feat with this edition of the classic.

Price: $9.68+ at Amazon

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