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Reading books is a wonderful thing

“I just read a four-volume book series on Lyndon Johnson by Robert Caro,” says my friend LP Fattire. “Fascinating. I can lend them to you. “Big books? ” I ask. “Yes. Over 3,000 pages in total. “I’ll pass. I already have a big pile of books. And I read Johnson’s …

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Library: Classic Books by African-American Authors | Review by Chanhassen

Summer is the perfect time not only to read bestsellers, but also to get acquainted with the classics, like these books by African-American authors. Many of these titles are also available digitally through the cloudLibrary or RB Digital. “Beloved” by Toni Morrison. Beloved is Morrison’s masterpiece about Sethe, its protagonist. …

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Five Underrated Classic Books You Should Read

The source of self-esteem, Toni Morrison It may be premature to regard a recent release as a classic, but Toni Morrison’s work is so reflected in the canon of American literature – musical and observant prose folded in Beloved and The bluest eye set the standard for fiction at the …

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