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Five classic books that are definitely worth reading – The Arbiter

When they think of literature, many people think of books considered “classics”. However, not all classics are worth reading. Still, there are several classic books out there that are worth the time and effort to read and understand. These are rewarding and interesting stories that can tell us a lot …

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She makes a living doing what she loves most: reading books

“My goal in life,” wrote the poet Robert Frost, “is to unite my vocation and my vocation. As my two eyes are one. For almost two decades, Sarah Gelman has managed to combine her passion with her profession. An avid reader, Gelman has devoted her entire professional career to the …

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Classic Star Wars Books To Be Reissued With Stunning New Artwork

To celebrate LucasFilm’s 50th anniversary, Random House’s publisher Del Rey has announced plans to reissue popular classic Star Wars novels in paperback form. The reissues feature all-new artwork, which Del Rey recently previewed in a lengthy Twitter feed. One of the novels, Breaking point, will also get its first fully-featured …

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