30 classic books to read aloud to your kids and ignite their love of reading

If you’re planning to celebrate World Reading Aloud Day on February 5, you’ll want a list of classic books to read aloud to your children. This list includes classic picture books to keep young children entertained as well as more advanced chapter books with charming and memorable characters that you and your kids can enjoy.

Launched by LitWorld in 2010 to celebrate the joy of reading and advocate for literacy around the world, World Reading Aloud Day has grown into a global phenomenon over the past 11 years. You can celebrate February 5 by reading aloud and with your children.

You will likely remember many of these titles from your own childhood, and sharing them with your children is likely to awaken many memories that you can share with your children. Even if you are reading them for the first time, they will delight your soul and warm your heart as you read them aloud with your children.

Whether you go for one of these 30 classics or decide to go for a more modern tale, you can’t go wrong snuggling up and enjoying the benefits of reading aloud with your kids.


A classic adventure

This beloved children’s book is a staple in our home and one that my boys knew by heart before they could even read it for themselves. Read Max’s imaginative adventures in Where the wild things are out loud with your kids is the perfect way to celebrate World Reading Aloud Day.


Enchanting illustrations

Because the illustrations in this classic children’s book are the main draw for most children, it’s easy to keep them enthralled as you read about The Journey. The hungry caterpillar out loud on World Reading Day. (Plus, it’s really fun to be super animated when you list all the foods the caterpillar ate.)


A book better than the movie

If your kids love to watch the candy-themed Willy Wonka fantasy world movies, they will surely enjoy hearing you read. Charlie and the chocolate factory out loud on World Reading Aloud Day. The descriptive scenes from the story will really come to life for your kids, and don’t forget those English accents.


A story of timeless brotherhood

Celebrate brotherly love by reading the timeless classic from Beverly Cleary Beezus and Ramona aloud to your children. You and your children will enjoy the moments of laughter as Ramona harasses her sister Beezus, as well as the loving moments that siblings of all ages can relate to and learn from.


A Judy Blume Favorite

If you have not reread Tales of nothing from fourth grade as an adult you can take the opportunity to do so on World Reading Aloud Day. Perfect for kids who are into elementary school antics, Judy Blume takes readers into the world of Peter and his little brother Fudge, and you can experience all the laughs and joy of reading this classic aloud. with your children.


Barnyard friendship

When you read Charlotte’s canvas out loud with your children, you will undoubtedly be as much in love with the characters as you were as a child. EB White’s classic story about Charlotte the Spider, Wilbur the Pig, Fern, and all their barnyard friends is as endearing and heartwarming as it gets.


A book to read at bedtime

Even though you may have read good night moon exactly a million times when your children were babies, the sweet story of saying it all in the “big green room” goodnight probably still has the potential to put them to sleep immediately – a theory you can test at bedtime on voice-reading day. high.


Jump into a classic

Children of all ages can enjoy the classic book The tale of Peter Rabbit as you read aloud on World Reading Day, following the adventures of Peter and his friends as they live and play in Mr. McGregor’s garden.


Magic and mystery for all ages

What better day to introduce your children to a magical world full of magic than World Reading Aloud Day? That you read Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone for the first time or the hundredth, JK Rowling’s imaginative characters and iconic locations will literally leap off the page and settle in your heart.


A fanciful journey

I still remember reading this book for the first time as a child and being absolutely enchanted by the story. If your children like Chronicles of Narnia movies, they’ll surely love hearing you read the book that started it all – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe out loud on World Reading Aloud Day.


Life in the days of the pioneers

My kids love it when I read Little house in the meadow for them. They become absorbed in descriptions of life on the rural plains as the Ingalls family visit their new home and begin to settle there. There is just something about the pioneering life that kids love to hear about over and over again.


Read in rhyme

Is there a better choice for reading aloud with your kids on World Reading Aloud Day than iconic Dr Seuss classic? The cat in the hat? Probably not. Your kids might know this one by heart, but hearing the rhyming adventures of the mischievous main character never gets old.


Color the world

This charming classic tale of Harold and his adventures with his trusty purple pencil takes me back to my childhood. Reading Harold and the purple pencil aloud with your children is a timeless experience.


Classically Corrible

A brave heroine, a caring teacher, the classic image of 12 girls in two straight lines on a Paris street, and a rhyme that never fails to enchant, Madeline is the perfect choice.


A coming-of-age tale

Since 1908, Anne of the Green Gables captured the hearts of adults and children with the heartwarming adventures of an orphan located on majestic Prince Edward Island. Coming of Age Story is perfect for reading aloud with your children on World Read Aloud Day.


A book to inspire journaling

Although Diary of a Wimpy Child was first released in 2004, it quickly became a modern classic and is loved by children and parents around the world thanks to the relatable life of Greg and the entire Heffley family as they go through a typical family dynamic with lots of hilarious antics.


Time travel

If your kids enjoyed the Disney adaptation of A blink of an eye in time, maybe it’s time to introduce them to the classic Madeline L’Engle novel that inspired the film. Reading this beloved adventure tale aloud with your children can open their eyes to the story in a whole new way.


An unusual adventure

Your children may know the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland thanks to a plethora of movies and picture books, but hearing the original Lewis Carroll tale read aloud by mom or dad is a unique experience kids are sure to enjoy on World Reading Aloud Day.


Everything on a winter day

Written and beautifully illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats, The 1962 Picture Book Snow day follows a young boy who explores his neighborhood after the first snowfall of the season. This classic book is cherished by so many children, and you can read it with your children on World Read Aloud Day.


Eternal love

This book was probably a mainstay in your child’s nightly book rotation when he was a baby. Celebrate World Reading Aloud Day by remembering all the amazing times you spent reading the heartwarming words of I love you forever to your child by rereading it.


A classic based on real life

Tar beach by Faith Ringgold is based in part on the author’s own childhood experiences who grew up in Harlem. Her perspective shines through in this imaginative book where the main character, Cassie, dreams that she is able to fly high above the rooftops, admiring all the world has to offer.


Rabbit love

You’ve probably read this classic tale about a beloved bunny and his mom every year around Easter, but it’s also a timeless tale to turn to on World Read Aloud Day. Open crack Guess how much i love you with your children – just make sure you have tissues on hand.


A curious story of friendship

This children’s picture book debuted in 1968 and has delighted children and families ever since. Everything you need to know about the name of a teddy bear in a department store Corduroy and his quest for friendship in this adorable book.


Where generosity and gratitude abound

When it comes to children’s books, it doesn’t get much more classic than the work of esteemed author Shel Silverstein. If you grew up loving the words and wisdom of Silverstein, World Reading Aloud Day is the perfect opportunity to introduce your own children to The tree that gives.


A book on a magical place

I remember getting lost in the pages of The secret garden like a young girl. Even though my own kids aren’t quite ready to tackle the novel on their own, they love to hear me read this story of courage, mystery and a magical place.


Encouragement in written form

If it’s been a while since you last checked out Dr. Seuss’ classic picture book Oh, the places you’ll go! you will certainly be delighted with the inspiring message inside when you read it with your children. Filled with encouraging words, it’s just timeless.


Have fun with rhymes

I almost forgot that Chicka Chicka Boom Boom existed until my son came home from kindergarten singing the words from that classic book with tons of catchy nursery rhymes. We quickly ordered a copy, and it’s so much fun reading with the letters as they climb up the coconut palm tree.


The ultimate story of the train

If your kids are as obsessed with trains as mine are, they’ll definitely love to listen while you read The little engine that could on the occasion of World Reading Aloud Day. First published in 1930, the story of a train that just won’t give up still holds water today.


When one thing leads to another

Perfect for beginner readers to follow, If you give a cookie a cookie is likely to elicit more than a few laughs as your kids hear about everything a hungry little mouse will do. This silly story is one your kids will beg for over and over again.


A mouse on a mission

Another timeless story from EB White that your kids are sure to enjoy is the memorable story of a brave mouse. While Stuart little is full of adventure, the book also shares many life lessons in its pages.

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