5 benefits of reading books

Gone are the days when only geeks read books. These days, many smart CEOs of large multinational organizations read a book every week, yes a book every week, and they love and want to read even more. According to a Yale University study, people who read books live two years longer than people who don’t read, and it doesn’t depend on gender, education, wealth, or health. The report extrapolated that deep reading promotes emotional intelligence and empathy, a cognitive process that results in a greater likelihood of survival. During leisure, instead of watching television and browsing social networks, in short, becoming a couch potato is of no use to you; it makes you less intelligent. These activities not only consume time, but are not good for your physical health and lead to bodily dissatisfaction and slowed cognitive function leading to distorted emotional well-being. This blog aims to tell you how you can convert your free time into being productive by reading books and what benefits you will get from it.

1. Helps you get a good night’s sleep

Two factors are important to manage before going to sleep. One is light, the other loud. Digital devices such as smartphones, televisions, tablets and other devices that emit light. They have a blue part of the spectrum in their light, which is very problematic because it makes you more alert, reducing the production of melatonin, a vital hormone in the sleep cycle. Even if you are able to sleep in this environment, you will not get the quality of sleep your body needs. Reading books before going to sleep increases your productivity when you wake up, and this habit also helps you go to bed early. In addition, the books do not emit any light that can cause stress. So it’s a win-win situation.

2. There are stories in the books you miss on TV

Many successful films are based on stories based on books. But still, there are plenty of fantastic stories in the books that you miss. Suppose you like a movie and you like the genre, but you can’t find any other movies in the same genre, so if this movie is based on the book, you can just search the author and find his other books of the same genre. Also, many personalities have changed the world and there are no movies or shows available that truly interpret their struggle in life. You can simply get their autobiographies or biographies, it will help you see a clear perspective, and you will have their experience with you. Suppose great people like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln or anyone else you love by his writings give you the opportunity to live his whole life. Thus, the value of their experience will be in your mind which will help you throughout your life.

3. Some of your favorite TV shows and movies are taken from a book

There may be movies or shows you like on TV like Game of Thrones or movies like Troy, Fight Club, The Da Vinci Code or the famous Harry Doorman; they are all masterpieces of books. Movies are time-limited and don’t effectively engage the writer’s imagination, so reading storybooks is a more enjoyable experience. Given the writer’s imagination, they are very worried about turning their book into a movie. Take the example of Paulo Coelho, the famous writer of the international bestseller Alchemist. He never wants his books to be translated into film, although many famous directors join him, the justification he provides is that he wants his readers to enjoy their imaginations. So if you don’t like reading books, you’re missing all that fascinating literature.

4. Books are the weights of your cognitive system

Research has shown that reading books that have a resilient description leaves an imprint on your brain’s cognitive system, amplifying connections within the parts of your brain that are responsible for receiving language. This effect lasts for a few days, so you just need to keep reading every day and cultivate the benefits. Reading makes your brain work in an optimistic way as you analyze prospects and possibilities.

5. Durability of experience

How long-lasting the enjoyment and experience you get from a book depends on how much time you devote to it. If you appreciate and focus every detail and imagine each character to understand their situation and how they feel in any situation. In this way, the durability will be high and the pleasure will last for several weeks. Other benefits of books are that you get skills for the future. It increases vocabulary which also helps you in professional life; Reading books also contributes to brain deterioration by regularly exercising your brain muscles and gives the tendency to cope with diseases.

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