5 classic books to read on a long flight

I describe the flight economy as time travel. I suspect all of you who regularly yawn and contort towards the Antipodes understand what I mean. Time passes behind the crust of the fuselage, the cabin pressurizes itself and, upon disembarking, it is yet several hours ahead of your internal clock and you cannot understand anyone.

So unless you’re the type of person determined to do as much work per second as possible, or if you’re someone who can sleep in the jumble, well, flying is desperate. He doesn’t ask forgiveness by snatching away hours. Distraction is everything.

And damn it, movies and tv don’t cut it. The same blockbuster nonsense has been around for what seems like years. And, even if you find something good, you end up watching half the movie on the undersized screens of the people around you. It seems that instead of any distant comforts, we are forced to stare, wander the fart-filled aisles, choke some oobleck meal, cry, repeat …

Although, he is a good opportunity to read, if you can handle it. Here are five books to devour on your next trip to the skies.

Three men in a boat

Author: Jerome K. Jerome
Pages: 361

As a phrase, “Victorian comic literature” sounds like a miserable trifecta, but Three men in a boat is truly sustainable entertainment. Modern readers find Jerome’s 1889 novel to be bursting with unexpected comic freshness, albeit a little purple at times. A simple story about three boys and their dog going down the Thames in a boat; mishaps and hijinks abound. A welcome freedom to contrast the ever more attenuated centimeters of the seat space.

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The quiet American


Author: Graham Greene
Pages: 180

Warring hearts and minds mark Graham Greene’s most beloved novel. In the 1950s, at the start of the Vietnamese conflict, a British journalist and an idealistic CIA agent meet and quarrel with the journalist’s Vietnamese love interest. The novel is almost allegorical, with a certain sagacity foreshadowing American foreign policy for much of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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Lost horizon


Author: James hilton
Pages: 272

A novel centered on a plane crash may seem awkward for this list, but that’s what comes after it is worth reading. Hilton’s massively sold 1933 novel coined the name Shangri-La and was the first mainstream paperback ever to be printed. Near-immortality, harpsichords and dishwashers made by Akron in a rural Chinese lamasery following a near-death experience – it’s at the heart of the adventure with the kind of mystically restorative and modern equipment. which we hope to find just beyond the airport corridor.

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King Solomon’s Mines


Author: H. Rider Hagard
Pages: 320

Often referred to as the worker Heart of darkness, Haggard’s novel was the ancestor of many popular Victorian adventure novels. The British Empire was vast in 1885, and a book detailing (inaccurately, though entertaining) the unexplored reached captivated readers. Birth of one of the most memorable characters in popular fiction, Allan Quatermai, King Solomon’s Mines shows us how to take adventure to the brink without losing the sense of fun. A much needed reminder, as the drinks cart hits your elbow for the fifth time.

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Dance lessons for the elderly


Author: Bohumil Hrabal
Pages: 160

You have just heard the announcement for the fourth time and the plane returns to the airport awaiting clearance. You know that once you land, the taxi will take another thirty minutes. You can’t unbuckle. You cannot sit upright. Your neighbor’s elbow is stuck somewhere in your duodenum. Bohumil Hrabal’s novel, written in one continuous sentence by an old man with three women sunbathing, is here complementary comfort which is sometimes sentimental and sometimes funny. Like “taking a plane for a vacation” it seems counterintuitive, perhaps even tortuous. But it’s a beautiful ride.

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