9 adaptations of graphic novels from classic books

Classics are the books that have stood the test of time, the books that have become pillars of our literary canon. Literature is filled with classic books whose stories have remained in the hearts and minds of readers around the world. Good news for fans of the classics: there are tons of innovative graphic novels that add their own artistic touch to your favorite stories.

OK, let’s be real: as big as the classics can be, they can also often be long, dense, and difficult for contemporary readers to understand. But graphic novels are the exact opposite of this. Graphic novels are great for telling stories in a way that promotes connection, discussion, and engagement.

Plus, reading a classic novel in graphic novel form is a great way to get a taste of history without having to commit to a full volume. Likewise, perhaps by reading a graphic novel adaptation of a classic, you’ll be inspired to try out the original text.

So whether you love Jane Austen or are very curious about Oscar Wilde, take a look at these fantastic graphic novel adaptations of classic literary books.

“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen, adapted by Nancy Butler and Hugo Petrus

Everyone likes a good Pride and Prejudice adaptation, and this graphic novel version of the classic brings a fun twist to what is already an incredibly witty classic.

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‘A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel’ by Madeleine L’Engle, adapted by Hope Larson

In this sci-fi staple, Meg Murray, her brother Charles Wallace, and her friend Calvin travel through time and space to save her scientist father. This gripping story takes on new momentum when you read it in graphic novel form.

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‘Jane Eyre The Graphic Novel’ by Charlotte Brontë, adapted by Amy Corzine, John M. Burns and Terry Wiley

If you like the dark, gothic vibe of Jane eyre, wait until you see the art in this graphic novel. As in the original, orphan Jane Eyre accepts a housekeeper ship at Thronfield Hall, where she finds herself drawn to her owner, the mysterious Mr. Rochester.

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“Fahrenheit 451: Authorized Adaptation” by Ray Bradbury, adapted by Tim Hamilton

This adaptation even contains an introduction written by Ray Bradbury himself. This story about a dystopian future where books – and intellect – aren’t valued couldn’t be more current, and the graphic novel brings it to life in a new way.

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“The foreigner” by Albert Camus, adapted by Jacques Ferrandez, translated by Sandra Smith

This beautifully illustrated adaptation of The foreigner will really make you want to read that book that you always pretended to read until now. The book follows Meursault, a man from Algiers who finds himself strangely affected after his mother’s death. If you’re looking for a thoughtful story to lose yourself in, this is it.

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“Anne Frank’s Diary: Graphic Adaptation” by Anne Frank, adapted by Ari Folman and David Polonsky

This adaptation actually adds to the original work, as it features panels that imagine Anne’s dreams and life beyond the journal text.

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“Kindred” by Octavia Butler, adapted by Damian Duffy and John Jennings

From Queen Octavia Butler, this adaptation picks up the powerful story of Kinship and presents its message to the public in a whole new way. A young black writer is transported from her 1970s life to a slave plantation in pre-war Maryland. It’s an unforgettable story, and each panel will win you over.

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‘Anne of Green Gables’ by LM Montgomery, adapted by Mariah Marsden and Brenna Thummler

Wiley and imaginative orphan Anne arrive at the Green Gables Estate, and it looks nothing like what the Cuthbert family have seen before. It’s a must read for fans of the miniseries.

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‘The Picture of Dorian Gray: A Graphic Novel’ by Oscar Wilde, adapted by Ian Edginton and INJ Culbard

This bizarre graphic adaptation will take you into the world of Oscar Wilde Dorian Gray’s photo, which tells the story of a young man who sells his will for eternal youth and beauty.

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