9 best bedtime story books to add to your child’s library

Reading stories is one of the best ways to bond with your child. Children learn so much from stories, and it won’t be long before they turn the pages themselves and read the story to you. Reading can get a child to read earlier and can help develop a love of stories and books that will last a lifetime. Bedtime is one of the most popular times to read a story. At the end of the day, mom or dad snuggle up and read their child a bedtime story.

When it comes to children’s books, there are plenty of options on the shelves and in stores, and every child has their favorite. However, if mom and dad are looking for those classic tales they need on their child’s bookshelf, then these are the 9 best books to add to their bedroom library.

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9 good night moon

This list begins with an absolute classic, according to red tricycle. This book has been on children’s shelves for almost as long as books have been around. The reason it remains popular is its simplicity. The light in the room dims as the story ends, and your child will have fun trying to find the little mouse on each page.

8 just go to bed

Little Critter books have always been a classic, and it’s the one you’ll want to have on your shelf. This story tells the story of our boyfriend who doesn’t want to go to bed, and he continuously tries to find a plot to get out of it every time. Mom and dad will appreciate dad’s efforts to get his little one inside for the night.

7 The Kitten’s First Full Moon

This book is soothing and a little comical. It’s about a little cat who mistakes the moon for a giant bowl of milk, and he’s trying hard to get that treat. Mom and Dad can have fun with their child thinking of other things the moon might look like. Maybe cheese?

6 where the wild things are

Another classic book that should have a mandatory place on the shelf is Where are the things Wil. According to Parents, this book will likely always remain a classic, and its adventure story is thrilling but not too much to keep your child awake. The happy ending is enough to make them all feel comfortable and sleepy.

5 pajama time

Sandra Boynton is known for her wonderful hardback books, and while this one is aimed at a younger audience, it’s still good to have in case you need something in a pinch. pajama time has fun with all types of pajamas that can be worn in bed. This book is ideal if you are looking for a book that is a little more fun at bedtime.

4 One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

While any Dr. Seuss book can be considered a great bedtime book and a classic, there is something about this book that makes it a perfect bedtime companion. Soothing nursery rhymes can be helpful when it comes to helping little eyes feel heavy. The colorful world of submarines will always hold their attention.

3 I love you, stinky face

Although not as well known as the other books on this list, I love you, stinky face is definitely a book that should be proudly on that shelf. The book is another story of a young boy who tries to delay bedtime by asking his mother if she would still love him if he looked like different creatures. The title of the book suggests that she would.

2 Guess how much I love you

According to Mama likes it better, this simple yet classic book is the perfect bedtime read because of its important message. The story may be short and simple for older children, but it is an important message of unconditional love that every child should hear, and sometimes the best time to hear this message is when they are being tucked in at night by the person who loves them.

1 Llama Llama Pajamas Red

Llama Llama books have always been popular, but this one might reassure a child who is a little nervous about falling asleep at night. In this story, Llama Llama is worried when his mother leaves her room every night. He calls her and every time he calls she comes back to make sure everything is ok, tell him he’s safe and it’s time to go to sleep. The rhymes in the book can make it a soothing and comforting tale.

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