Barnes & Noble’s Unproblematic Wizard Books Display draws cheers

As JK Rowling continues to be the star child of TERFs around the world, a Barnes & Noble in Union Square in New York has made it clear he’s ready to turn the page on the problematic author.

It all started when a Twitter user took a photo of a very interesting display in the store. Underneath a sign reading “The Wizarding World of No Problem” were stacks of books by various authors, including Ursula Le Guin, Alice Hoffman, and Deborah Harkness. Not included: none Harry potter pounds whatever. While the author of the tweet appears to support the controversial author, captioning the photo “JK Rowling’s slander is real in the barnes and nobles,” many commentators have applauded the bookstore’s decision to subtly take a stand.

Rowling’s supporters agreed with the initial sentiment that the posting was defamatory of Rowling. However, other Twitter users were quick to explain the various reasons why this wasn’t true, especially the sign being accurate.

While the intention of the Barnes & Noble store is in the right place, those on Twitter have also pointed out where it may have missed the mark a bit in terms of writers included in the ‘non-problematic’ stack – particularly l inclusion of Brandon Sanderson, a Mormon devotee who has repeatedly makes homophobic comments (about Dumbledore coming out in one case) and spoke out against marriage equality.

The Barnes & Noble store checked the photo of the display but declined to comment on it, according to the UK tabloid The daily mail.

The author’s supporters wrote on Twitter that the Barnes & Noble sign was a “slander” and that the Harry potter the author must take legal action against the bookseller. This was rejected by other users who said that promoting other fantasy authors as “no problem” was not illegal.

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