Classic books revealed as Ireland’s most popular genre ahead of World Book Day

Classic books have been revealed as Ireland’s most popular genre ahead of World Book Day on March 3.

Research on Study in Switzerland looked at the most popular book genres around the world by looking at Google search volume for each genre in different counties, creating a map showing the most searched in each location.

In Ireland, as well as the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Hong Kong, classic books came out on top.

Along with the classics, romance and poetry books top the list in terms of popularity among readers around the world.

Love books were most sought after in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Venezuela, Brazil and South Africa, while poetry was most sought after in India, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, Finland and Turkey.

Fantasy books were most popular in European countries of Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, and Russia.

Horror books were the most popular book genre in Latin American countries, most sought after in Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico, while the thriller genre reigned supreme in Dutch-speaking countries. -Bas and Belgium.

Norwegian readers preferred mystery novels to other genres, while those in Australia, Korea and Turkey preferred adventure novels.

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