Classic Star Wars Books To Be Reissued With Stunning New Artwork

To celebrate LucasFilm’s 50th anniversary, Random House’s publisher Del Rey has announced plans to reissue popular classic Star Wars novels in paperback form. The reissues feature all-new artwork, which Del Rey recently previewed in a lengthy Twitter feed. One of the novels, Breaking point, will also get its first fully-featured audiobook version.

Del Rey said in his announcement that the reissues will cover “essential” Star Wars Legends novels with the first wave of new commercial paperbacks arriving on June 15. The reissues will be made as part of the “Essential Legends Collection” with new artwork and cover styles.

Books expected to arrive in June include Shatterpoint, Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, and Heir to the Empire. Del Rey provided images of the new artwork, as well as a preview of the original mass-market paperback novels alongside upcoming paperback books to demonstrate the differences between the two.

Among other things, the new paperbacks will be bulkier than their older counterparts, making them more comfortable to read and more attractive on a shelf for those planning to collect the titles. As the company notes, the redesigned commercial paperbacks feature all of the text across the top of the cover, leaving the artwork unblemished.

Star Wars fans will be able to pick up the new Legends paperback novels at their local bookstore. Del Rey says he plans to release additional titles as part of his new Essential Legends collection in the future, but has not provided a list of novels or a timeline.

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