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Marvel Comics has been on a tear from Conan the Barbarian since the start of the year.

Marvel launched a new title, “King Conan”, ended the “Savage Avengers” series where Conan was transported to the modern Marvel Universe, released some massive collections of “Conan Chronicles”, and released the adaptation collected from “The People of the Black Circle”. which includes other tales.

“The People of the Black Circle” was one of Conan creator Robert E. Howard’s barbaric stories that he wrote in the early 1930s in the pulp magazine “Weird Tales.”

Marvel adapted the story a few decades ago in “Savage Sword of Conan.” Dark Horse Comics also adapted it before Marvel retained comic book rights to Conan. This is a collected post of the Dark Horse adaptation.

Here, a princess wants to avenge the death of her royal brother caused by a sect of mountain wizards and she travels to an outpost to raise men for her mission. Meanwhile, Conan, here the leader of the Consolidated Hill Tribes, breaks into the palace to barter the freedom of his imprisoned mountain people.

Conan bursts into the governor’s office as the princess pleads her case. Conan kidnaps her, intending to use her to free his hill men.

Instead, he ends up embarking on a mission to stop the Dark Seers of Yimsha – the People of the Dark Circle.

Lots of Conan action adapted by writer Fred Van Lente with solid painted artwork by Ariel Olivetti. A solid introduction to Conan newcomers, an enjoyable visit to a fan favorite for regular readers.

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