Don’t pay for classic books when you go back to school

If you go back to school, there is no doubt that you have a long list of required reading. Whether it’s a classic like Gatsby the magnificent, or a more obscure title like A farewell to arms, you should avoid spending more money on top of the money you pay for your semester’s textbooks. Quartz There are plenty of free reading resources available if you’re looking to stock up on quality literature, and you can read it virtually anywhere, even if you can’t walk into a library.

Shakespeare fans should visit MIT

To read the works of playwright William Shakespeare, visit MIT The Complete Works of William Shakespeare page. The works are organized into four categories: Comedy, History, Tragedy and Poetry.

The Library of Congress goes back is a site maintained by the Library of Congress and has books and other materials available free of charge. The books are digitized and you will have to read them in a browser window, but with its selection of classic and obscure titles, you are likely to find something that you might not find in a traditional bookstore or library.

Scribd, the Netflix of books

If you’re ready to pay a subscription for reading material, check out Scribd. For $ 9 per month, you’ll have access to articles from sites like the New York Times and a full library of books as well as audiobooks.

Project Gutenberg, a public domain paradise

For public domain books that you can download to an e-reader, Gutenberg Project is an invaluable resource. With over 54,000 eBooks in the public domain, an updated list of recently added books, and most downloaded titles, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of classic literature on any device you have. It’s better than waiting to renew a classic title, whether physical or digital. It’s free, but donations are being requested to keep the operation going.

OverDrive and your library

OverDrive is the backbone of a multitude of library eBook offerings. Register for Overdrive, enter your public library credentials, and view eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital media. You can send the books to your Kindle or use them in the OverDrive app on iOS and Android.

You can pause various titles, request titles currently unavailable in your library, and view books in multiple languages ​​wherever they are supported. Recently launched OverDrive Libby, basically an updated version of OverDrive that lets you sample books, stream audiobooks, and sync your notes and bookmarks across your devices.

How to access free and legal copies of classical English and American literature online | Quartz

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