First collection of poems by Amanda Gorman, biography of Vivian Maier

Looking for something good to read? USA TODAY Barbara vandenburgh Explore the shelves for this week’s hottest new book releases. All books go on sale Tuesday.

1. “Call us what we are transporting”, by Amanda Gorman (Viking, poetry)

What is it about : Gorman has proven to be an energizing new voice in American poetry with his touching poem, “The Hill We Climb,” memorable delivered during this year’s presidential inauguration. Her breakout collection includes this poem and others that convey a message of hope and healing.

The buzzing: There aren’t any first reviews yet, but last month 23-year-old Gorman was the winner of the Variety Power of Women event, where she was celebrated by Angelina Jolie. “If we ever needed words that can lead us and bring people to the streets, now is,” Jolie said.

“Call us what we carry,” by Amanda Gorman.

2. “The beasts of a small country”, by Juhea Kim (Ecco, fiction)

What is it about : A young girl named Jade is sold by her family to the Miss Silver Courtesan School and befriends an orphan boy, JungHo. As the Friends come of age, they are drawn into Korea’s revolutionary struggle for independence in this epic historical tale.

The buzzing: “Magnificent prose and unforgettable characters combine to make a literary masterpiece,” states a star reviewer from Kirkus Reviews.

3. “State of the sea”, by Tabitha Lasley (Ecco, documentary)

What is it about : Former journalist Lasley quit his job, moved from London to Aberdeen, Scotland, and delved into his idea for a book about oil rigs and the men who work there – to see how men behaved without women. The more she was there, the more her presence unsettled men – and her.

The buzzing: “A raw, daring, and blunt memoir,” says a star-rated Kirkus Reviews review.

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4. “Brilliant Burning Things”, by Lisa Harding (HarperVia, fiction)

What is it about : The life of former theater actress Sonya is turned upside down by alcoholism. But she still has something to live: her son Tommy, 4 years old. Can Sonya stop drinking to avoid losing Tommy forever?

The buzzing: “This unfailing portrayal of a troubled and tender soul takes readers deep into the human heart,” says a star-studded review from Publishers Weekly.

5. “Developed by Vivian Maier: the untold story of the nanny photographer”, by Ann Marks (Atria, documentary)

What is it about : A definitive biography of Maier, a nanny who was secretly a masterful photographer and only rose to fame when her work was discovered after her death, which portrays a woman who lived life as she understood it on its own terms.

The buzzing: “A well-researched and incisive biography of an artist who should be better known,” states a star review from Kirkus Reviews.

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