FlipHTML5 transforms PDF children’s storybooks

Storybooks help children learn and are fun too. FlipHTML5 transforms a conventional PDF children’s storybook into a modern reading experience that children will enjoy.

Children’s stories are not only fun to pass the time, they can also be rich sources of educational content. Many storybooks contain valuable life lessons, not to mention that they help develop reading and vocabulary skills. A surefire way to engage today’s kids in reading is to make it similar to what they love, like animated videos. FlipHTML5 will take children’s story books pdf and turn them into media-rich digital books with animated page flipping effects. The process is fully automatic and requires no special skills.

FlipHTML5 has both a desktop version and an online version, both of which are free. Once the PDF children’s storybooks are downloaded in either version, they will be converted into a web-friendly HTML5 flipbook. That means kids get the feel and sound of a traditional book, but with a whole lot more functionality. Basic PDF children’s storybook pages can be upgraded with any of FlipHTML5’s templates, themes or backgrounds.

Pictures have always been appealing to children; some won’t pick up a book if there are no pictures. FlipHTML5 offers more than just images. Users can add a variety of multimedia content to their PDF children’s storybooks, including gifs, animations, videos, and audio. The story will come alive for children, keeping them engaged and helping them learn. The audio function is particularly useful for young children who are not yet proficient readers – they can follow the presentation of the book.

Once the user is satisfied with the finished children’s storybook, they can quickly upload it to the FlipHTML5 cloud. FlipHTML5 offers free storage as well as web hosting. The virtual library is convenient for storing and displaying multiple storybooks. As a digital publishing platform, FlipHTML5 also simplifies distribution. A unique URL is available for PDF children’s storybooks which can be shared via email and social media.

Finished children’s storybooks in PDF format can be embedded on school websites and learning management systems for children’s education – FlipHTML5 provides quick embed code. Libraries can be shared and embedded in the same way.

“We designed FlipHTML5 so that everyone can use it, even children,” says Anna Lee, designer of FlipHTML5.

Learn more about PDF children’s storybook transformation at FlipHTML5.

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