Four art and design books for your summer reading list


French country chic, the power of protest art and soul-stirring gardens.

Photo by Toan Trinh

Rebelby Chris Burkard

Ride the wave of top nature and surf photographer, conservation champion and social media influencer Chris Burkard in this collection of personal stories chronicling his global adventures and the stunning images he captured along the way. From the Aleutian Islands to Iceland (and destinations in between), Burkard shares detailed accounts of his experiences, as well as never-before-seen shots that showcase his work.

Released 2/3/22, $35, Abrams.

The Art of Protest: Political Art and Activismedited by Alain Bieber and Francesca Gavin

Henri Matisse once said that creativity takes courage. The art of protesting is a perfect example. Exploring the connection between art, politics and activism, this book shows how contemporary artists are stirring up controversy, exposing government issues and fostering empathy through their creations. Through artists’ observations, vital topics including immigration and climate change are gaining notoriety and engagement.

Released 2/1/22, $60, Gestalten.

How to Discover the French Countryside: Color and Design Inspiration from the South West of Franceby Sara Silm

Say goodbye to bland decor. Instead, embrace the French country style with this comprehensive tome inspired by the alluring southwestern region of France. Written by interior designer and journalist Sara Silm, this handy text showcases a range of colors and design inspirations synonymous with the region. The author also gives insight into the beauty of French provincial life, as well as several delicious recipes.

Released 10/5/22, $45, Thames & Hudson.

Gardens for the Soul: Sustainable and Stylish Outdoor Spacesby Sara Bird and Dan Duchars

How’s your garden? Pretty green with the help of this eco guide, no matter the size or location. Presenting examples of sustainable endeavors that correspond to a multitude of lifestyles, Soul Gardens provides advice on everything from lighting to accessories, whether for budding farmers, aspiring florists, solitude seekers, or hostesses with the bigger ones.

Released 2/8/22, $35, Ryland Peters & Small.

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