From love of reading to writing books

For Shonda Fischer, there was a silver lining to being diagnosed with a painful medical condition.

The married mother-of-two said she had to quit her job after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition that causes pain throughout the body as well as sleeping problems and fatigue, among other things.

But the ordeal also motivated the avid reader to become a prolific writer. She has published three books and is working on a fourth.

She started writing not as a book author, but as a reviewer. She reviewed books on Amazon and other sites. Authors, some self-published and others with traditional publishing deals, began sending him their new books and asking him for reviews.

“I would ask authors to comment on my reviews or just people to say how much they enjoyed reading my reviews,” she said. “They all suggested I write a book.”

So one day she sat down and started writing. His first published work was a contribution to the “Collective of Christian Writers”, a Christian devotion.

“As I was writing, God just put it on my heart that He wanted me to write books of Christian historical fiction,” she said. “One day I sat down and wrote a book, ‘Strawberry Summer,’ based on memories of my great-grandmother from my mother’s side.

The book is about Viola Branson, who has just graduated from college and needs a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. The book’s biography reads, “Leaving St. Joseph, Missouri, she boards a train to visit her grandmother in Once Over, Colorado. imagining that she had fallen in love at some point only brings up memories she would like to forget. Can they overcome old wounds and become friends again or maybe more, or are circumstances tearing them apart? »

Since then, the Jefferson City High School alum has written two more books in the “Once Over” series: “Sunflower Fall” and “Snowball Winter.”

Her books are set in the 1800s, and although they are romance books, she says they could be read by 12-year-olds without parents caring about the content. The graphic details don’t go beyond the kisses, she said.

She is working on a fourth book. She and seven other authors will each write a book in a series called “Prairie Rose”. The connection is that each book involves wagon trains on the Oregon Trail. This series should be published next year.

When she’s not writing, she often reads. She has read more books than there have been days in 2020.

“I love to read, so I wanted to introduce the world to something that’s not mainstream, where everything you see on TV or read is gender-based,” she said. “I want people to realize that you can still have fun and enjoy reading a book that’s good and wholesome.”

Her love of God also motivates her to write.

“I don’t preach in the books, but I show the characters believing in God, whether they’re praying or going through this predicament, whatever they’re going through,” she said.

She also spends time marketing her books, which can be purchased through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She does an “Once Over” podcast, operates a website, and has a presence on Facebook. Many authors she has helped through reviews and otherwise also help her market her books.

“This world has so much hate, but I just want to make it clear that there are still people who love and care for each other and are willing to pray for each other and show their faith. This is why I write for the I just want to share my love for God and for others.

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