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We all know the benefits of reading. From an early age, we were told that reading could expand our range of vocabulary; it helps us develop our critical thinking skills; it improves our concentration and countless other things. However, how many of us are actually active readers? According to the Ninth Annual Literacy Survey conducted by the National Literacy Trust in 2019, only 25.8% of children aged 9-18 read daily in their free time. This indicates that children and young people who read are a minority in the population, which is a great disappointment due to the vast benefits that can be gained from reading. However, there is a simple solution to this problem: book clubs.

An excuse for not reading may be that you are so busy that you just don’t have time to read. In elementary school, you might have consumed many books a week, but now you’re so busy with school and homework that there’s no way you’re reading daily. However, being in a book club pushes you to read the chosen book before the next meeting. Having a deadline each month encourages you to prioritize reading over other activities because you want to be able to participate in discussions.

Do you feel like you read the same kind of books all the time? Generally, in book clubs, each member will have the opportunity to choose the book for a certain month. This means that you will be exposed to genres outside of your comfort zone and to different authors, whose books you would never choose on your own. Not only does it broaden your outlook on the world, but you can also find your new favorite book.

Book clubs are not only a great way to get back to reading regularly, but they’re also a great way to make new friends when you meet people who share the same interests as you. A sense of community is created as you debate your opinions of the characters and dissect themes and plots in the story.

In a world where we read books less and less often, book clubs are a great way to encourage you to read regularly. Because of other members’ book choices, you’re encouraged to explore a host of new genres and authors, broadening your outlook on life. You meet and connect with new people and can bond around common interests by freely expressing your opinions and thoughts. So why not join a book club today or even start your own?

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