How to make your child addicted to reading books

One of the best ways to encourage your child to read is to start reading early, so it becomes a way of life long before busy schedules take over. Also remember that you are the greatest role model for your child: when children see adults reading for fun, they grow up thinking that reading is a worthwhile activity.

As your kids grow, find ways to keep them hooked on books, with these tips:

Keep lots of books in your home

Invest in a variety of books that your child will enjoy reading. Instead of buying toys or video games that your child will only use once or twice, let them buy a set of books that you can read with them.

Read on the go

Traffic signs, road names and billboards are part of everyday life. So why not use them as a reading resource? While you go home, you can play reading games, like finding words and creating sentences and stories with them from the impression they see around them. You will find that children, especially younger ones, love it.

The good read

Getting books that match your child’s interests makes them want to read.

If your child is interested in ballet or soccer, for example, try getting them books on those subjects from the library. You’ll be amazed at how much children love books about subjects they are passionate about. Whatever their kind of interest, remember to be supportive.

If you have a reluctant reader who only wants to read comics, then embrace this, you might be amazed at the long-term result.

Read with – or to – your child daily

Research shows that being told stories and being read to at home are essential for academic success. So even if you don’t have access to books or live out of reach of a library, storytelling is a great way to develop your child’s early literacy, whether through songs, games or games.

15 minutes might not seem like a lot, but just 15 minutes of reading a day with your kids can go a long way in developing their literacy. In fact, research has shown that even 15 minutes of reading with your kids every day can expose them to around a million written words a year. And best of all, it means you can spend quality time with your little ones and find a moment to reconnect in this bustling world.

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