I get paid $100 an hour just to read books – my side job doesn’t cost money to start and I can do it in my pajamas

A YOUTUBER has revealed a side hustle that could make you $100 an hour without having to leave the house.

In a recently posted Youtube videoDiamond Chanel went through the ACX website, which solicits audiobook recordings for thousands of eBooks.


Youtuber Diamond Chanel makes big money voicing audiobooks

How it works

Once you create an account, you’ll see thousands of ebook publishers asking voice actors to narrate their book.

You can filter books by length and genre until you find a project that seems to match your skills and interests.

Diamond Chanel, for example, opts for books requiring a narrator with a young adult voice.

You can also limit your search by accent, language and host other filters.

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Diamond Chanel also recommended researching the project before applying.

She then went through the steps of submitting an audition.

If selected by the book rights holder, you can start recording.

How are you paid

ACX Voice Recording Projects Pay Per Finished Hour (PFH.)

This means that a book that takes you about an hour to read will pay you for the 60 minutes of recorded time.

So a longer book that requires more storytelling will mean a bigger payday.

“You get paid from the moment you press start for your recording until the moment you press stop,” Diamond Chanel explained.

Importantly, any time spent researching the book or preparing for your role is unpaid.

Although pay for each project varies, a long book paying $100 or more per finished hour could earn you more than $1,000 per project, Diamond Chanel claimed.

Side hustle reminders

While it’s easy to start a side business, it’s best not to overlook the tax implications of a new stream of income.

Any side job that earns you more than $400 in annual income requires you to file a 1099 form declaring your income.

And jobs that pay you through online processors like PayPal or Venmo specifically require a 1099-K form.

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