Jess Montgomery’s new mystery investigates the disappearance of a baby

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Which gave him the idea of ​​a detective series. In the first book, “The Widows”, the story opens as Lily’s husband is killed. Once Lily assumed her husband’s former position, she investigated what happened to him and after solving this crime, she finally decided to run for office.

These books are put together year after year one after the other and by the time we open the fourth book, “The Echoes”, it is July 4, 1928, Lily is now established as sheriff after being re-elected. Although there are many people in her rural county who do not particularly respect a female court officer, she is gradually winning over some of them.

So far, these books have been written from different points of view. There’s always Lily’s point of view, and then we’ll have another woman’s point of view. In “The Echoes”, there is the perspective of Lily’s mother, Beulah, who like Lily, is also a widow.

As the story begins, a memorial park dedicated to local men who died in World War I is about to open. An elderly lady has a vision of a woman submerged in a pond. When Lily searches in the pond, she finds nothing. But we know that this foresight will eventually come true.

There are several characters in the story who have returned from the war. Lily’s husband did. Before being assassinated. However his brother Roger, Beulah’s son, was killed there. And Beulah is reluctantly keeping an incredible secret. She knows that Roger had a love affair there and that his French child is on his way to come and live with them.

Then there is a baby, a mystery baby. We don’t know who this baby belongs to. It continues to spin. One moment you see the baby. The next moment, he left. What’s going on with this baby, anyway? It is the most ingeniously plotted book in the series so far. How funny!

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