Morikawa: ban on reading eco-books will have ‘enormous’ impact

Collin Morikawa believes the PGA Tour’s decision to ban controversial and highly detailed green playbooks will have a “huge” impact.

The new local rule came into effect on January 1, with the world No. 2 addressing the issue ahead of his first start of the year at the Sentry Tournament of Champions.

He said, “I mean, it’s huge [the change]. Obviously we can’t use any of our old distance books, so – and it was at this point now that I saw all the courses, but now I like to take notes, I like to put in big arrows, just so I can see a little easier with my eyes.

“But for me, the green reading books, I used them a lot for my approach shots to know where the pins are, to know what kind of slopes are at five yards versus 10 yards, can I use that.

“So it’s going to be an adjustment, because pretty much all through college even we used them. Our college teams had them, we used them and I used them probably more for approach shots than for the putt, but it’s still going to be an adjustment to remember. So maybe it’s on my caddy to remember all the leads before I go.

In June last year, the Tour’s 16-person Player Advisory Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of a ban, with the official decision communicated to PGA Tour members via a memo sent in early November. .

Its aim is to revive the feel-based approach of yesteryear and allow the skilled in the art of green reading to be able to get the most out of it. As such, included in the new 2022 “committee approved” distance books will only contain general information regarding slopes and other features, while any additional notes taken by the player or caddy should be derived from their own experiences or observations of a ball rolling on a putting green. .

When asked if he thought anyone in particular would benefit, Morikawa added, “Maybe. I think it’s an unknown at the moment. I mean we all say we use it, or a lot of guys use it, but to what extent, we don’t know. Will guys maybe realize that they are better green readers than they were before because we were relying on something that was given to us rather than really feeling it sometimes.

“Some guys might get a great feeling that they didn’t know they had. So it can go both ways. I really don’t know how it’s going to be. It’s the first tournament without them, so I think it’ll be ok Just knowing how I’ve used them in the past I trust my caddy for everything we do anyway so I’m not too worried but I’m sure a lot of other guys who really depend on it, they, you have to find another way, don’t you?”

Morikawa begins his 2022 season with another chance to replace Jon Rahm at the top of the world rankings. The 24-year-old took a five-stroke lead in the final round of December’s Hero World Challenge but has the chance to redeem himself by joining 37 of the game’s best to take on the Kapalua Plantation course in Hawaii for the Sentry Tournament of Champions.

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