Nothing but sunshine on the coast for the air show and the seafood festival

The weather will be perfect on the shoreline for Thunder Over New Hampshire and the annual Hampton Beach Seafood Festival this weekend.

National Weather Service meteorologist Sarah Chunberg expects sunshine on Saturday and Sunday, although a few clouds could appear for the end of the weekend.

“They should be very nice days. Saturday will be in the mid-70s and Sunday in the 70s-80s,” Chunberg said.

A high surf advisory is expected to be in place all weekend as Hurricane Larry passes well to the east with 90mph winds that will kick up the ocean with 10ft waves. Swimmers are advised to stay out of the water.

“There could be coastal flooding at high tide and strong rip currents. Even though it will be a sunny day, the ocean won’t be the best,” Chunberg said.

Thunder Over New Hampshire Air Show

USAF Thunderbirds

USAF Thunderbirds (157th Air Refueling Wing)

The US Air Force Thunderbirds return to the coastline during the Thunder Over New Hampshire Air Show at Portsmouth International Airport in Pease on Saturday and Sunday.

Parking passes for the show had to be reserved in advance on the show’s website and are all gone for Saturday, according to spokesman Herb Gillen, who expects passes for Sunday all left on Friday.

One of the aims of the show organizers was to resolve past traffic issues associated with large numbers of motorists trying to leave the shows at Pease in 2010 and 2012. A nationally known parking and traffic consultant was brought in solve the problem by separating pedestrians. and traffic.

“Biggest complaint was traffic and parking. It just took hours in some cases for people to leave the Tradeport. We hired this company and the first thing they said was you have to limit the number of vehicles because you’re going to have the same issues,” Gillen said.

Passes are not available at the gate and anyone arriving without one will be turned away.

Around 35,000 people are expected to attend each day, down considerably from last show’s estimated 100,000, although organizers doubt that figure.

“There will always be a lot of traffic to get out, but it will be easier than it otherwise would be and that’s our goal,” Gillen said.

Portsmouth Police have warned that parking, stationary or idling vehicles (including mopeds, scooters and motorbikes) are prohibited along the full length of Grafton Drive from Route 33 to Corporate Drive, the along Route 33 and Route 95 in both directions. The viewing area usually open to vehicles along the fence on Grafton Drive will be closed, police said.

Vehicles violating the ban will be towed.

“It is well known that there are many large car parks at the Pease Tradeport. Please keep in mind that these car parks are owned by private companies. Parking in any of these car parks is not permitted unless authorized the company’s express right to tow any vehicle from their parking lot,” police said.

Gillen said organizers are aware of the pandemic and the possibility of the event becoming a COVID-19 “super spreader” event and the following state.

“The fact that we’re outdoors and have a ramp of about 100 acres, there’s plenty of room to spread out if you need to. We encourage people if they want to wear a mask but it’s outdoors, it’s in the sun, there’s a lot of space,” Gillen said.

Hampton Beach Seafood Festival

Hampton Beach Seafood Festival

Hampton Beach Seafood Festival (Kimberley Haas, Townsquare Media)

The Hampton Beach Seafood Festival also takes place Friday, Saturday and Sunday along Ocean Boulevard, which includes a 9/11 ceremony on the main stage on Saturday.

“We have great weather, the tents are a bit different this year so people can spread out a bit more so that’s exciting. Most hotels are fully booked I would say. looks good,” Chuck Rage, president of the Hampton Village precinct. says Seacoast Current.

Rage said the best way to enter the festival and enjoy the more than 80 vendors and artisans, 15 bands and Saturday night fireworks is to first follow the free parking signs to the one of the many lands that will be used.

“They transport you so you don’t have to sit in traffic. It’s free parking and a free shuttle which is always the best thing,” Rage said, adding that masks must be worn on the bus in accordance to federal guidelines.

The biggest attraction is the more than 50 Seacoast restaurants serving their specialties, but Rage wouldn’t say which is his favorite.

“I’m going to be in trouble,” Rage said.

A wristband for the festival costs $10 per day or $30 on weekends per person and can be purchased by cash or check at the gates. Sales benefit the Knights of Columbus, ROTC and the Chamber of Commerce.

Hampton Beach Seafood Festival

Hampton Beach Seafood Festival (Kimberley Haas, Townsquare Media)

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