Opinion: Reading books opens up a new world for students

Books are among the only objects that no one barely touches. A book can allow many students to see a whole new world, only if they are willing to open a book and immerse themselves with imagination.

As they return to school for the 2021-2022 school year, students tend to be very busy with future courses they plan to take. Some students may be active in a sport at Fountain Valley High School or some may take extracurricular classes in addition to homework due the next day. Students often find themselves in a situation where they can’t find time to do anything else: play games, talk with friends or just sit down and read a good book.

Some students read, but not for pleasure. An English class may assign a reading project, which requires a student to choose a book and read it in order to complete the assignment. Typically, most students only read a book if it was an assignment. The school takes the love of reading from most students on campus. Attending classes is a higher priority and when free time is available, very few students will resort to reading a book.

One of the problems that students face when trying to find a book to read is how to choose one. “Never judge a book by its cover” is a common phrase; but when it comes to choosing a book, students tend to choose the book with the prettiest cover. However, this is not always the case.

Some books may be recommended, some books have a certain genre that students are interested in, and not all books have covers. A simple title can entice students to pick up the book and check it out. Everyone has a different taste in books and it can be hard to find a good book these days.

Now what makes a good book? A good book depends only on you. Some people may find a book boring, but another may find it interesting. Many genres are featured today and students have a wide range to choose from, from fiction to non-fiction, fantasy to mystery. However, some students may be looking for a book to keep them on their toes while others may be looking for a book to get their cheeks rosy.

English teacher Terick Thomas finds the essays and articles powerful and revealing; although there are times when the books are on the same page.

“For me, a good book is when it’s able to show me a whole new world that I never thought of before,” Thomas said.

Many teachers also have their own reasons for what makes a good book. Basically, it is up to you to define what a good book is and which books give them joy when reading.

A book is a good source of pleasure and it allows you to open up to creativity and to work with your own imagination. Last year, all students had to do almost everything on the computer and often spent hours staring at a screen. Reading books is a great way to take a break from staring at a screen and has many benefits.

An article by Health Line states, “Reading involves a complex network of circuits and signals in the brain. As your reading ability matures, these networks also become stronger and more sophisticated.

Reading allows students to experience new vocabulary and sentence structure, which can better benefit creativity and grammar. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s hard to understand anyone’s feelings about being on screen or just being away from others for too long. Reading can fill this void for many students.

Books are a good source of pleasure for everyone, but many will struggle to find the time to read a book.

Many students will find books lying around their house waiting to be picked up and read. However, we do not find the time to do so. Many students will say that reading a book consumes valuable time that they can use for studying or doing homework. On top of that, not all students find a passion for writing and reading, so sitting down to read rather than doing something more fun will be quite a challenge.

Even with limited time, books offer students a chance to imagine and create their own world in their heads. With many issues today, a book can open students’ eyes to new meanings and lessons.

Math teacher Tony Diaz, who barely reads, still finds pleasure in reading things like articles and essays. For him, it’s not necessarily a book but when it’s a subject that interests him, he would certainly read it, but not every day because it turns out to be very difficult.

“When students are younger, they should [read]. It would help develop their vocabulary and some creativity,” Diaz said. “I don’t think it should be something you’re forced into, but it will help.”

Books provide a lot of entertainment through adventures and stories, so grab a book and read it. You will not regret it.

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