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TEMECULA, Calif., December 3, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – Publishers Newswire, a news publisher covering books, music and software launched in 2004, has announced its annual list of “books to bookmark” of 11 new and read reads. interesting stories from small publishers and self-published authors across the United States. These books are often overlooked because they do not come from the big traditional publishing houses.

“The past 18 months have been a whirlwind of new books published by small publishers and authors embracing self-publishing,” says Christopher Laird Simmons, editor and publisher of PNW, who works globally. publishing since the late 1970s. and is also CEO of the website’s parent company, NEOTROPE®. “It appears that the unfortunate pandemic has given many people the time and momentum to ‘finish this novel’, or write a revealing memoir and then release it to the world. This year’s list is really diverse.

Here are 11 interesting reads worth checking out (alphabetical order, based on the title of the book):

* “Adventure Zone” by Allison Klimowicz and Veronica Stanley-Hooper (ISBN: 979-8524737199; independently published) is written for parents and children ages 6 to 12, explaining pediatric therapies in a fun and informative way. This colorfully illustrated book is designed in several parts and can be read as a story on its own or as a story and resource with definitions that explain terms parents and children may encounter when entering a pediatric therapy office. .

* “Drunk Talk” by Mike Davis and TL Banks (ISBN: 979-8675709625; Club Lighthouse Publishing) is “an emotional roller coaster ride with a touch of humor”. Included are 48 short discussions on different aspects of life with a touch of humor, your drunken fortune, and unique quotes to keep you focused. Those who think they have heard it all, better think again.

* “Beyond the Wheat Field – The Life-After-Life of Steve Jobs” by Katherine Talley and Joy Lawrance (ISBN: 978-1982268169; Inspire Publications LLC) is an offbeat but deeply spiritual and beautifully illustrated book, a “compilation of the ‘beyond communications with a tech icon recounting the spiritual dialogues Talley has had with Jobs since his death. The book offers a different perspective, regardless of spiritual beliefs, on the life of Apple co-founder Jobs.

* “Felina’s Spell – The Delta Tango Trilogy Book Two” by Christopher LaGrone (ISBN: 978-1631955457; Morgan James Publishing) tells how Layne Sheppard, a future border patrol officer, met the girl of his dreams, but will meet he his demise in the field training glove awaiting him? Author LaGrone draws on his own experiences as a rookie, field intern, and border agent to create a border saga unlike any previously published immigration novel.

* “How to Dress a Naked Portfolio: A Tailored Introduction to Investing for Women” by Beverly Bowers (ISBN: 978-0578312705; Sister Courage Publishing) is a guide that “helps women learn more about how to take charge their investments. “The book asks the reader to answer eight questions, then based on those answers, the reader goes through a step-by-step process that designs a personalized investment portfolio just for her. To make it a bit more engaging and fun, Bowers likened planning an investment portfolio to building an outfit.

* “In for Life” by Elaine Alice Murphy (ISBN: 978-0578965659; Satuit Press) is a memoir on Murphy’s two-decade exploration of the wrongful murder conviction of his classmate and friend of his son, Sean K. Ellis. The high-profile Boston case gained international attention when it became the subject of Netflix’s eight-part “Trial 4” docuseries. Murphy, working with Ellis’ family and lawyers to secure a new trial, uncovered previously undisclosed evidence of police corruption that the courts called a “game changer” and led to his release after spending nearly 22 years behind bars.

* “Real Outreach: A Practical Guide to Retaining and Graduating College Students” by Dr Ezella McPherson (ISBN: 978-1737273103; Dr McPherson Coaching) describes success with at-risk students. She retained 82% to 100% of at-risk freshmen during her tenure at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Wayne State University, and Indiana University. The book will be of interest to high school and college students – and their families – so they can learn about some of the challenges they face while pursuing a college degree.

* “Sophia’s Return: Uncovering My Mother’s Past” by Sophia Kouidou-Giles (ISBN: 978-1647421717; She Writes Press), follows the journey of a girl to “understand why her mother left the family home while the author was a seven-year-old child, with no goodbye or explanation. Determined to uncover the true story, Kouidou-Giles returns to Greece and interviews her family members; all of whom are sympathetic but reluctant to divulge any information. Finally, she hires a lawyer to search for documents and discovers a story she did not know existed.

* “Tales From the Liminal” by SK Kruse (ISBN 978-1944521158, Éditions Deuxmers) presents a series of 15 short stories. Kruse, former screenwriter of The Onion and mother of 11 children, offers fantastic tales including: following Schrödinger’s cat in the zero dimension, grooving towards Barry Manilow with Bigfoot on a beach, traveling with an apocalypse troubadour in Belleville , or drinking with a woman who saw Gertrude Stein in the mist on her window.

* “True Joy for the Retired, A Holistic Approach to Spreading the Love to Our Forgotten Elderly” by Paulina Kay (ISBN: 978-1773710075; Black Card Books) shows young and old how to overcome “the deeply rooted disconnection between generations ; the often heartbreaking loneliness and hopelessness of the elderly; and the fear of aging. While taking time for her family, Kay went through some very difficult times that propelled her into a transformation of internal growth that saw her rediscover her love for the elderly.

* “Uncommon Threads: Weaving a Life Through Family, Business and Faith” by John Wieland (ISBN: 978-1951407711; Legacy Launch Pad Publishing) is a dissertation linking family, business and faith. “is equally self-deprecating and informative.” Wieland is the CEO of MH Equipment, a material handling company. In Weiland’s 27 years as CEO, MH has grown from a small, virtually bankrupt company with three branches and 50 employees to a thriving business with over 900 employees and over 30 branches.


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