Reading books can make kids ‘stupid’, says Cressida Cowell

Reading books can make modern children “stupid”, the author of How to train your dragon claimed.

Award-winning author Cressida Cowell says television and computer games have made children “more visual” than when she was young.

She warned that young people with dyslexia who are used to watching TV may be put off reading books because they make them feel stupid.

“How the hell can you love something that makes you feel stupid? she added.

The 56-year-old former children’s winner described TV as “relentless” and easy to watch, while books can be associated with school and make youngsters look stupid.

write in teach primary magazine, the author said: “Making a book that a child today will read with the same pleasure that I read when I was a child is trickier than it seems.

“When I was a kid, TV was terrible. There was no internet, no PlayStation.

“Now TV is glorious and non-stop, and it’s magically ‘beamed’ into children’s heads without them having to do anything, while books can be associated with school and work tough but if a child has dyslexia it can be worse than that..

“In this case, the books can sometimes come to represent something that makes the child feel stupid, and how the hell can you like something that makes you feel stupid?

“So I have to work very, very hard to reverse that impression and make sure the stories are worth the effort the child has to put in to access them.”

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