Reasons to switch from classic books to e-books in 2022


Just as there are classic book lovers, there are digital book lovers. Specifically, tech fans are very happy with this appearance. It’s just that the advent of digital books created a rivalry with classic books. In fact, it depends on the reader’s pleasure. So, at the end of the day, you really can’t wait to switch from normal books to e-books. These include pros and cons.

1. These are ECOLOGICAL

To be manufactured, classic printed books must use 3 times more raw materials and 78 times more water than e-books. They also require a very high consumption of important resources like ink, paper (trees and even other materials). If you love nature and want to protect it and also want to be a conscientious reader, you can use an e-book. This way you can read as many books as you want without feeling guilty.

2. An instant process

Another very important advantage is that a digital book can be purchased with a few clicks and a media file is downloaded absolutely instantly to the device. The process is very quick, so you pay and you have any book you want in your e-library.

3. Convenience

If you are a tech and gadget lover and your hobbies were all tech, online movies, online games such as online blackjack, or others. So, you want to discover the world of books but you do not want to leave the comfort of technology, the e-book is perfect, it is very practical, fast, and has a very wide variety of books. So combine the pleasant and the useful, reading will be a very comfortable pleasure since you do it the way you like it the most.

4. It helps visually impaired people

Facilitates reading access even for the visually impaired. Some monitors are specially designed for these people. An E-book can be very easy to read in low light or why not, even in the dark. It is possible to display motion or use audio converter software to read the text aloud to visually impaired or elderly people. The material can be arranged as the author wishes and is not limited to a linear path of the book.

5. Instant search

If you can’t remember the title of a book but remember an interesting phrase, you can instantly search for a word or phrase to find it. In this way, we reduce the time and we can enjoy reading more. By researching keywords, you can find out how many times a word is cited in the text. Other dictionaries can be installed to read books in different languages. They also have active links to find additional information (hyperlinks).

6. Other benefits

The e-book uses E-Ink technology which means the device mimics the look of ink on plain paper, making you feel as natural as possible. The battery lasts up to 2 months (if Wi-Fi is disabled). And the brightness of the screens can be adjusted so that you don’t have to worry about the bedside lamp. Obviously, where there are advantages, there are disadvantages. There aren’t many here, but let’s see what they are.

Make an emotional connection with reading

In a 2012 study, some participants were asked to read a story in print and others in digital format. The conclusion that was reached in the end was that those who read the book in physical format were able to make a much stronger emotional connection to the narrative. Others who read in electronic format did not achieve the same. Most parents choose to read stories to their children at night, but not many people choose an eBook, but classic books. This digital format is more associated by many parents with entertainment and is avoided even due to the negative impact on sleep.

We conclude that the question is very clear, an e-book is very necessary and good to use! There are so many benefits that you will definitely consider using an eBook. Whatever option you choose, whether technological or classic, you have to read as much as possible and escape into the world of stories!

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