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What do books and bicycles have in common?

Both can take you on fantastic journeys.

Four young Sand Springs female readers who recently completed the Tulsa City Library’s summer reading program will have both modes of transportation available to them, thanks to the generosity of the Sand Springs Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

The Women’s Chamber donated four shiny new bikes, two each, to the Charles Page and Pratt Library branches, and two winners from each site were drawn.

The winners — Jacob Lovins, 9, who attends Angus Valley Elementary School; Joshua Nichols, 10, who is homeschooled; Gracie Ramsey, 7, who attends Pratt Elementary School; and Natalee Turner, 7, who is homeschooled — received their bikes Friday afternoon at the Pratt Library, 3219 S. 113th West Ave.

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From the Women’s Chamber, Vice President Jane Mick and Literacy Chair Pam Burgess were on hand for the presentation, joined by Branch Managers Chris Lair of the Pratt Library and Sarah Dawson of the Charles Page Library.

Literacy is a major issue for the Women’s Chamber, which also oversees the city’s small Red Library boxes, and donations to its fundraisers support its efforts to increase readership among children and adults.

The Women’s Chamber has donated bicycles to both libraries to reward summer reading program participants for years, Mick said, but this is the first time it has provided two bicycles to each branch.

Megan Lovins, who was at the library with her husband, Matt Lovins, and their family, asked their son Jacob what part of winning a bike he was most excited about.

“Go for a bike ride,” Jacob replied.

“He just learned to ride a bike without training wheels two weeks ago” while staying with friends, Megan Lovins said. “He figured it out in a day.”

Lovins and her family have long been involved in the summer reading program.

“I work from home,” she said, “so the summer reading program every year is a lifesaver because we come to the library and they get books, and then for a few hours every day, we are silent and we read.”

As the youngsters examined their bikes on Friday, beaming with their good fortune, Lair looked at a winner, who was standing next to a bike bearing a sign with his name on it, and teased, “Are you sure this one? this is yours, Gracie? ”

“Yeah!” replied the 7-year-old child. “I know how to read !”

And that’s exactly the point.

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