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Remember the good old days, when newspapers like this ran a box every day to remind us how many days of shopping were left until Christmas?

For the record, the number is now “27”, and it’s time to take the end-of-year vacation seriously. If you have readers on your list, the Tucson Festival of Books is here for you, Tucson.

Volunteers from the book committee and festival authors were asked for their suggestions for holiday gifts. Here are a few recently published books to get you started:

“LA Weather” by Maria Amparo Escandon – This is a delightfully funny and heartily endearing story about a Los Angeles family whose husband and father are obsessed with the LA weather. It turns out that storm clouds are hanging over the family, each of whom is looking for something better than what they have now. —Margie Farmer

“Beautiful Country” by Qian Julie Wang – This is one of the best books of the year. In Chinese, the word “America” ​​translates to “Beautiful country” – which should be ironic for an undocumented child living in poverty. The girl’s parents, respected educators in China, were forced into menial tasks to survive in New York. Their daughter learns to love what little she has. —Tricia Clapp

“My Two Border Towns” by David Bowles and Erika Meza – This is a beautifully written picture book for children that is told through the eyes of a boy who lives on one side or on one side. border and regularly visits the other to visit his uncle. Cities are never identified. We also never know which border it is, which makes it a story of “people” rather than a story of “place”. —Kathy Short

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