The simple pleasure of the founder of PayMe India: reading books to relax and rejuvenate

Mahesh Shukla, founder of PayMe India, read a few books during the lockdown.

The most recent were ‘Crucial Conversation’ and ‘The Art of Saying No’ by Damon Zahariades which explains how to take your time in hand without feeling guilty for saying no to others. ‘Crucial Conversation’ by Kerry Peterson, Joseph Grenny, Al Switzler is a book about having those essential conversations despite the difference in opinions no matter how moving it may get. The book shows how well navigating a conversation benefits people, relationships and conversations, ”says -he.


The main learning from the book “Crucial Conversation” for Shukla was that the only person you can directly control is yourself.

“The book explains to the reader what exactly essential conversation between people is. The importance of the ability to navigate a conversation effectively. It showed the power of dialogue. It emphasizes staying true to what you want and how much control of yourself is the one thing you can truly control completely. The book also discusses the importance of listening in a conversation and how to avoid the easiest solution is the way. brighter to speak. From the book How to Say No, I learned several lessons. The most important is that every time you say “yes” you end up saying “no” to something that is close to your heart. The next time you’re about to say yes to a request that takes a long time to please someone, remember the three Ps: people, project, personal well-being. people you want to hang out with and see disappointment on their faces.

Imagine not having the satisfaction of completing this exciting project. Imagine yourself in a week, exhausted and exhausted because you said ‘no’ to activities that would help you rejuvenate, recover and improve your well-being, ”he explains.

Shukla spends one to two hours reading each day. “It’s my break with the daily routine and the stress that manages to creep into our lives over time. A simple way for me to de-stress and rejuvenate myself,” he shares.

While reading, Shukla tends to get deeply involved in the book. It gives her a surge of positivity, fuller thoughts and encouragement as there are a lot of vivid examples cited in the books. “These help distract the mind from the challenges of the daily grind, which keep buzzing through my head. It relaxes me and gives me new thoughts and sometimes the courage and motivation to take on the next challenge,” he says. he.

While eBooks are good and sometimes easier to move around, Shukla still prefers physical books. “Turning a page in itself helps me forget my daily stress and find myself more involved in the book and its knowledge,” he concludes.

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