The two new books by Gaffar Mahmud available in bookstores

The two new collections of poems by the poet Gaffar Mahmud are now available in various bookstores and online platforms.

The two collections of poems entitled A lamp post, Bidyasagar Moshai and Eucalyptus Shakhe Nagarik Kak were published under the Desh Publications banner. Nirzhar Noishabdya is the cover artist of A lamp post, Bidyasagar Moshai while Eucalyptus Shakhe Nagarik KakThe cover of was designed by Rajdeep Puri.

“In 1994, I published a literary magazine entitled Swaruppatra. Later, I became editor of two literary journals, namely, Nongar and Chitran. Although I have written for various daily newspapers and literary journals for many years, A lamp post, Bidyasagar Moshai is my first collection of poems. Like the manuscript of Eucalyptus Shakhe Nagarik Kak was ready, I decided to release him too,” Gaffar Mahmud told New Age.

“I have tried to depict love, political incidents, existential angst, people’s struggles, lived reality and others in the books. I hope readers will enjoy my poems,” Gaffar added Mahmoud.

Books can be purchased from bookstores, including Kabita Caffe in the capital. Also, readers can purchase the books from online platforms including Rokomari and Prothoma.

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