Top 5 Books on the Cuban Revolution, Chosen by Christopher Othen

These days, his face is a familiar sight on posters and T-shirts. In 1958, Che Guevara was Castro’s most famous rebel companion, and his diaries document the romanticism and brutality of the rebellion.

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4. A Rebel in Cuba by Neill Macaulay

Even the Americans joined Castro’s rebels. Former soldier and future scholar Macaulay was among the first to enter Havana when Castro’s men claimed victory on New Year’s Day 1959.

The Men of Miami: American Rebels on Both Sides of Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution by Christopher Othen is out now (Biteback, £20)

5. Shadow Warrior: The CIA Hero of a Hundred Unknown Battles by Felix Rodriguez and John Weissman

The Cubans who fled the revolution are also part of its history. Among them was Rodriguez, an exile who joined the CIA to help with the Bay of Pigs invasion and other failed attempts to overthrow Castro.

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