Top 5 children’s books on fashion accessories, chosen by Anthony Moss

Grandma wears it tight under her chin. Auntie pins hers with a beautiful brooch. Jenna puts it under a sun hat. Zara wears hers to match her outfit. A young girl observes how very different women in her life customize their hijab and dreams of the rich possibilities of her own future.

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4. These Maribeth Boelts shoes

It’s the touching story of a boy who wants the latest shoes but whose grandmother can’t afford them. His school gives him a pair of not-so-cool shoes that his classmates tease him about.

5. Clara Button and the Day of the Magic Hat by Amy de la Haye and Emily Sutton

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After her naughty brother Ollie destroys his favorite hat, can Clara find a new one she loves just as much? Clara’s quest takes her to London boutiques, including Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason, and is full of imaginative millinery designs.

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