Top 5 Music Industry Insider Books, Chosen by Tana Douglas

Tana Douglas was 15 when she took her first roadie job with AC/DC. Now recognized as the world’s first female roadie, Douglas has worked alongside some of rock ‘n’ roll’s biggest names in a career spanning three continents and spanning more than 30 years. These are her picks for the best books to give you that insider perspective.

1. Beastie Boys Book by Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz

Having missed the whole Beastie Boys phenomenon, I recently stumbled across Spike Jonze’s documentary. I realized that I had missed a great story. Their book shows the humor, determination and friendship that led to this unlikely achievement.

2. Walk in the clear water of a swimming pool painted black by Cookie Mueller

I love an outrageously random life story; such is that of Cookie Mueller. A pretty blonde who begins in the troupe of John Waters and who embarks on a short life surrounded by celebrities at a time when taking her first dose of heroin, being sexually abused, falling with a group of Satanists is not in somehow not surprising.

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3. Faithful by Marianne Faithfull

This is the hard-earned story of someone I consider extremely talented and under-recognized. Marianne went through it all and surprisingly came through it with grace and humor. Cheer!

4. Life by Keith Richards

richardThe memoirs answer that ongoing question, “How is he still alive?” Simply because he is Keef. Meet the man behind the myth and love him even more.

5. Annie Leibovitz SUMO by Annie Leibovitz

A limited-edition monster of a book that not only fills its mammoth dimensions with many of the most recognizable photos from its career, but comes with its own stand and compendium to tell us why. If I had a decent room, I’d take one.

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